We are Stronger Together


On 22nd April 2018 varied members of our congregation came together for our event titled “we are stronger together”.

The purpose of this evening was to invite our community to involve and contribute and help build a stronger connection with each other and reinforce the fact that this house of Allah belongs to all who worship here. We spoke about the history of this building we now use as a mosque, how over the years different members of our congregation have endeavoured to be of service to the local and wider community. Thanks were given to all those kind people that kept our mosque going through difficult times. Now it’s time to allow our elders to take a rest.

The current board of trustees has been in place for just over a year and was introduced to those in attendance, it’s now time to move forward together. Some of the work undertaken, and the activities that now take place were mentioned. i.e Mosque is open for 5 times daily prayer, wudu/toilet complete refurbishment,new boiler, redecorating of main prayer hall and canteen, social room set up (pool,satellite TV, table tennis, football, mini basketball etc), soup kitchen,main office refurbishment,imam’s living quarters,free parking,youth evening, ladies days, football team,Saturday and Sunday school, haj and umra service, to name some of the improvements. All this funded through generous gifts from our jamaat Allah bless them, but the more help we get the more can be achieved. After a recent survey by a reputable building company, It is estimated that in excess of £100,000 may be needed  to repair and refurbish the mosque, this would include work on insulation and repair to rafters and ceiling, replacing of old  electrical wiring as well as waterproofing, refurbishment of ladies wudu/toilets area, to name but a few jobs that need attention. It doesn’t stop there. Plans and future projects and activities were spoken about. A short history of the mosque was given, explaining what a beautiful trust Allah has bestowed on us.

The bottom line is we are in this all together. Inshallah, we can better draw all our brothers and sisters together. If we can do this, this masjid can be a shining beacon to the wider community.

We need help, the financial needs of the mosque are ongoing, maintenance is ongoing. There are projects that need attention, insulation of the roof, electrical wiring, damp proofing, tiling, cleaning,

More facilities for our community to really live and breathe together.

To this effect, a standing order form has been printed. If every one of our Jamaat made a regular standing order of whatever they could afford this regular monthly income would alleviate much of our financial worries.

To that effect, forms were handed out and will be encouraging those not in attendance to also make use of these standing order forms. A copy of the form is available on this website and in person at New Peckham Mosque. After a question and answer session, then magrib prayer, we all sat down to eat together in a most lovely atmosphere!

Allah will make us stronger when we are together!! Amin

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