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InshAllah through this regular newsletter, you can be kept informed about what your mosque is doing for you and what you can do for your Mosque and community!

 Alhamdullilah the kindness of our Jamaat has meant that we have been able to donate to good causes.
You have donated £1000 to help Indonesia’s tsunami victims.
£2000 for victims of the ongoing conflict in Yemen
 You donated Ramadan Sadaqa to local projects in Southwark, David Idowu foundation doing incredible work with young people affected by knife crime £300.
 Kidscape,£300, helping young children with many varied problems and difficulties
 Your donations are helping to fund a good project in Africa, more information on this will be forthcoming as and when the full monies are collected. This well will be named after your Mosque.
 There are orphan sponsorship programs that we will with your kind help sponsor at least 5 orphans for one year and beyond. More information will be forthcoming as and when this project begins.
 The Carelink project in Pakistan is one project where your kindness is helping in a great way.
Rafat Lodhi, their Chairman sent this message to us:-
“Your valued donations spent on three different projects.
Spent £300 on Sewing center for girls in Akora Khattak(Northern Pakistan)
Spent £425 for Skill learning for boys in Rahim Yar Khan(South Punjab, Pakistan)
Spent £1000 on Education project for 2 schools
Iqra School in Karachi Pakistan and HCHF School in Akora Khattak(Northern Pakistan)
Total money = £1725
We shall keep you informed of our other projects planned and executed in different areas.” Kind regards,
Rafat Lodhi, Chairman Carelink UK.
 Regular Activities at your Mosque.
• Tuesday evenings 8 pm
• Discussion and lessons from the Quran in Turkish. Designated topics are discussed and looked at with a view to deeper understanding.
• Every Wednesday. 12 pm Quran lessons for ladies.
• Thursday 12 pm
Ladies Majlis and sohbet in Turkish. Sisters gather for refreshments and company. A chance for sisters to get to know each other, and to have a good chat!
• A ladies gathering for English speakers is to be arranged soon,
Any sisters who can help with this please contact our Imam or Trustees.
• Thursday evening at 8.30 pm.
After Isha, Zikr with Sheikh Haydar. Remembrance by meditating, and reciting Allah’s verses, and his name’s. Very moving and peaceful for our souls. Refreshments provided.
• Every 1st Thursday of month 7 pm Round table discussion with a view to discussing modern world issues for Muslims.
Refreshments provided.
 As we are sure you are all aware of the refurbishment of the male wudu area some time ago. Apologies are in order for the ongoing issues pertaining to our sensor taps. You will be pleased to know that a whole new set of taps are in the process of being fitted! Unfortunately, we were badly let down by the original fitters. After much “discussion” it has been decided to dispense with their services! InshAllah this will be corrected in the next couple of weeks. Apologies again for this inconvenience.
 There are so many things that need attention and many kind souls are helping. The maintenance of your Mosque is an ongoing process, for a grade 2 listed building and its age it’s no surprise. It’s only possible through your generosity, the bottom line is all the repairs and upkeep takes money and many people’s help and goodwill. InshAllah piece by piece together we can attend to our Mosque.
 The current Trust has been in place for less than 2 years and has endeavored to try to manage the Mosque to the best of their ability. Much has been done Much more is still needed to be done. It is constant ongoing work. Your Mosque needs you. Please Get involved with your Mosque. We know that you are skilled in many different things. We need your help! Web designer, desktop publisher, teacher, painter, cook, fundraiser, electrician, builder, roofer, sports coach!

Whatever it may be. Please contact our Imam, our Trustees, personally or through our website:
or Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Our mosque is open for 5 daily prayers.
The prayer timetable is on view in the mosque and available to check on our website.
Also our social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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