Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam


Today our khutbah will be about becoming a student of the Qur’an.

We should be a student of Quran because of three reasons: in order to remember/learn these reasons let’s remember the first three verses of Surat al-Rahman. Allah says: ‘The most merciful, Has taught (you mankind) the Quran, He created man/insan’

In these verses, Allah says he taught the Quran to the man/insan. 1) He calls himself a teacher. If Allah called himself a teacher, who will refuse to be a student. So we should be a student of the quran, because Allah is a teacher.

In order to understand the second and third reason we have to know what insan means. Why did Allah call us al-insaan. You know the word Insan, ibn al faris, argued that it could be two origins, it could be nesiye, means human beings are very forgetful, or it could be from uns, which means human beings are very loving, we can show love to other people, other things, we have that ability, and we have UNS in us.

So there are two meanings of insan: we are forgetful and we have love. Why should we become a student of quran, because we are forgetful, when people forget, what do they need: reminder, one of the names of the quran is reminder.

‘It is nothing but a reminder for all mankind’ (yusuf (12) 104). Quran is reminder, because we are insaan, we are forgetful, so Allah says, I taught the quran because you are insaan, you forget, that’s why I give you reminder, you keep forgetting, so I keep reminding you over and over again.

Second reason, we have love. We do not just give love, we are looking for love, if we are looking for love, and we have a hole in your heart, that we need to fill. We can be rich, we can be very successful, but still you feel that there is something wrong, because the heart finds rest/satisfaction only in the remembrance of Allah.

Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest/satisfaction (Rad, 28) [Bilesiniz ki, kalpler ancak Allah’ı anmakla huzur bulur.]

That’s word of Allah fill it, quran was sent down for you and me. I do not deserve that gift that is an act of love of Allah.

If we start now, if we turn to Allah and say o Allah i want to learn your book, you call yourself a teacher, i want er-rahman to be my teacher, it does not matter whether you know a little bit, you know a lot, because you began arrahman, there will be barakah in your learning, and when there is barakah in your learning we will learn like we have never learn before. You might be a bad student in history, when you turn to Allah’s book, it will become easy for us.

And we have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember? (Qamer, 17) Allah makes things easy, we make the intention, and then Allah will make that easy for us. We have to learn how to read Quran, we have to learn what Quran says to us, and we have to live according to Quran.

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