Valuable Muslims. Jumah Mubarak.
One day, The Messenger of Allah (s.a.v.) spoke to his companions and told the following words: “O people. Allah is clean and he will accept only what is clean. Allah makes mu’mins responsible for the same duties as the Prophets have.” Then he recited those following ayath: “O messengers, eat from all kinds of the good (halal) food and do righteous deeds. Indeed, I am well-aware of what you do.”

After that he continued his speech by describing the story of a person This person took long journeys. His clothes were all in dirt. He opened his hands and beg:” O Allah. O God.” Then the Messenger s.a.v said: “Yet, what he was wearing was haram, what he was drinking was haram, what he was eating was haram. How would his supplication be accepted under this circumstance?”

Honourable Brothers and Sisters!
The deterioration of food in a society will always be followed by the decay of that society. Ignorance of haram and halal will stain the awareness of people. Without the awareness of the essential moral and human values, will the food we eat, things we drink harm us. In the end, the nature of the society will change totally. While talking about a hypocrite, Allah c.c. informs us with these following verses: “when he goes away, he strives throughout the land to cause corruption therein and destroy crops and animals. And Allah does not like corruption.
Then, we can assume that the people who aim for destroying peace and tranquillity in this World, strives for spoiling food and generations all the time. For Mu’mins, this ayath is both a warning and an encouragement for building up clean and pure food and generations.

Dear Muslims.
Just as every word we utter, every action we take, every piece of food that we consume has a very deep effect in our body. A person is responsible for what he himself, his family and his beloved ones consume. In order for our prayers to be accepted and raise good and healthy generations, we must be careful about whether everything we eat is halal and clean or not.

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