Dear Believers!
Mankind has been created for Paradise. This world is not a place where we will live forever, in contrast, it is a place and time where we will earn our real place, Paradise. Therefore, earning, success in this life means earning the eternal Paradise and failure, means losing the eternal Paradise.

Dear Muslims!
All these duties can be done only by making good use of time. We should always remember the fact that we are going to be held accountable for the time given to us. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) commanded the following in this matter:“ “The feet of a slave will not move on the Day of Judgement until he has been questioned about [four things:] his life – how he spent it, his knowledge – how he acted upon it, his wealth – where he earned it and how he spent it, and his body – how he used it.” [At-Tirmithi]” These four things listed in the hadith give us the password to happiness in this World and the Hereafter. These are our main responsibilities. Thus, time will only be given its true value when we plan and live our days according to the purpose of our creation.
What then, should we do in this regard?
Dear Brothers and Sisters!
We need to allocate time to acquiring knowledge, worship, looking after our body, family, work, friends and spreading Islam when planning our time. Knowledge must be correct, necessary and related to our responsibilities.

We must allocate time to worship, Salah which is the expression of our servanthood and gratitude towards Allah (SWT), to fasting, and charity. We must eat and drink according to the Sunnah to protect our body and refrain from activities that may cause us to fall ill. To fulfil our responsibility towards Allah and humanity, we must protect ourselves as we will be held accountable for how we utilised our body. Allocating time for family means allocating time for tranquility. Allocating time for work means we are carrying out our duty to seek halal rizq (sustenance). Allocating time for friends is necessary for supporting and making dua for one another. Allocating time for spreading Islam is necessary in order to establish goodness, to prevent evil and is essential to show each other compassion.
Dear Muslims!
The concept of holiday indeed exists especially amid all the aforementioned responsibilities. However, when we allocate time for a holiday, we need to do this with a plan. Holiday does not mean doing nothing. Allah (SWT) is more compassionate towards us than ourselves. He commanded “So when you have finished your duties then stand up and (start another duty)
and to your Lord direct your longing!”
Allah (SWT) is asking us to start another task in order to have rest, and to not stay idle. This means our body has been created strong enough to engage in different activities when we finish a task.
Honourable Muslims,
Hence, we should not waste our time and health. Because wasting time means wasting the eternal Paradise, as we earn the indefinite paradise with our definite life. This is why we need to do meaningful and precious tasks without wasting our time. We need to carry out our duties towards Allah (SWT) and humanity. We should feel the responsibility of leaving behind works that will be the investment for our Hereafter, both for us and our fellow believers. Our compassionate Lord who created this world as a servant for us commanded beautifully: “O you who have believed, bow and prostrate and worship your Lord and do good so that you may succeed.”
May Allah (SWT) make us, travellers of this eternal journey, of those who spend their lives in His service, and adorn us with intelligence and wisdom to be of benefit to others! Âmin.

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