Our saturday school has been open since September 2017 and we have in excess of 100 students. Extensive restructuring of the mosque has meant we have been able to provide 7 separate classrooms, 6 where Turkish is the main language and one class where English is the main language. The classes  taught are, Qur’an, life of the prophet Muhammad (sws),forms of worship, manners and morals.

We have a youth/social room  where students can spend their breaks. They can watch related topics on our large screen TV, play table tennis,mini basketball,pool,table football. Our football team is coming together,and matches are being organised. Group trips to places of interest, weekend camps, camping trips, paintball trips. The fostering of community and well being is the aim. Family is all important and we spend time discussing responsibility and how to try to be positive and respectful. Respect is central in family life and by extension the rest of society. So with this in mind the focus is to be helpful at home , to be polite and be aware of how they can help at home thanking family for cooking for them, for helping around the home, be aware on cleanliness, hygiene, being aware of responsibilities around the family home. In short Islamic manners and respect as witnessed by the example of the  prophet Muhammad (sws). To awaken a spirituality and a deeper understanding of the world around them.We want to motivate, to foster a practical way of self improvement by beginning things with Besmele, finishing things with Alhamdullilah, by realising the meaning of  prayer and it’s incredible force for good.

We want to make our  mosque a beacon of light. Our community, particularly the younger ones in south London needs a place of light and togetherness ,a place for body, spirit and soul,a place motivation a place of well being and warmth. We will endeavour to make this happen you are most kindly invited to join us.

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